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Corporate Banking

Whatever your enterprise needs, our bilingual business advisors can support you in achieving your short and long-term business goals. We are here for you.

Swedbank New York is well acquainted with business in both the Nordic region and the US.

Here, companies have access to a broad range of services. If your company has subsidiaries in the US, working with our New York branch can help rationalize the flow of credits and debits between the companies.

Swedbank's contact network in North America is also valuable to clients planning to start up operations there. Swedbank can issue credits, help with cash management and also provide information services etc.

Cash Management

Swedbank Cash services is our web based cash management solution that suits both large and small companies doing business with or in the USA.
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We can assist both the parent company and any subsidiaries with many types of financing solutions, from relatively simple standard routines to more complex structures adapted to your enterprise. For example:

  • Operating capital
  • Investments
  • Project financing
  • Trade Finance for secure overseas transactions
  • Standby Letters of Credit (for example rental, bid, performance and credit)

Treasury services

For our large clients we can offer a broad range of treasury services.
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