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About Swedbank

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About Swedbank

With over seven million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate customers, Swedbank is the leading bank for the many households and businesses. 

Do you want to learn more about the bank, our history, organisation, financial information, read press releases and much more? 

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Our home markets are Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our corporate business also operates in the rest of the Nordic countries.

We offer a full range of financial services within the areas of lending, payments, savings, investments and insurance. We serve and advise private and corporate customers with both simple and more complex needs.

Our strategy is to be an available full-service bank, offering products and services that meet customers’ needs, while maintaining high cost efficiency and low risk. It is based on our vision to enable people, businesses and society to grow. Simultaneously we promote sound and sustainable finances for the many households and businesses.

As a major bank, we are a significant part of the financial system and play an important role in the local communities we serve. By addressing environmental and social risks in our business, we contribute to more sustainable companies and communities. Our sustainability strategy is based on integrating sustainability in our core processes, in lending and investment decisions, in procurements and in our payment flows.

Our strong commitment to social matters comes from our heritage with roots in the Swedish Savings Banks, and we focus on investing in educational, entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives.

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